Students from Yale University to visit NIS

March 18, 2016

Kirill Kravchenko, General Manager of NIS, held a presentation to students of this University’s Master studies On this occasion, General Manager Kirill Kravchenko held a presentation to students from this University’s master studies, during which he presented NIS as the leading energy company in the region, current situation in the oil and gas sector on global level and on the Balkans, the latest environmental trends in ecology and environmental protection, as well as the most important business results of NIS and Gazprom Neft. The presentation caused great interest among students, and the lecture was followed by an interesting discussion. Yale students visiting Pančevo Oil Refinery As part of a one-day visit to NIS, around 30 Yale MBA graduates visited Pančevo Oil Refinery, where they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the work of one of the most contemporary facilities of this kind in the region, where Euro 5 standard fuel is being made. During the visit to the refinery complex, the students also visited the complex for mild hydrocracking and MHT/DHT hydro-processing, an investment which enabled NIS to assume a strategically important position of a leader on regional market of petroleum products, and it has provided energy stability for Serbia. Ivana Katić, Professor of Organizational Sciences at the Yale University, expressed satisfaction that her students had the opportunity to visit NIS Company and to attend the lecture of its General Manager Kirill Kravchenko. “As someone who deals with management and HR management, I was impressed by the story of your General Manager about the various activities that your company is conducting for its employees. We especially found interesting the visit to Pančevo Oil Refinery, because for many of us, this was the first time we encountered a facility of this type, which is among the leading in the region”. Student Alex Sloan said that visit to NIS was very educational: “The presentation of Kirill Kravchenko, General Manager of NIS, was very interesting. He is really a man of great experience, so it was interesting to hear from his perspective how things have changed within the Company”. Sloan said that NIS stands out among all the other companies he visited with its care for employees’ health and safety at work. “As soon as we left the bus during our visit to the Refinery, we received gas-masks and safety vests, so it’s clear that the company takes serious care of safety,” he said. As part of their visit to NIS, Yale MBA graduates visited GAZPROM’s “Dunav” petrol station After returning to Belgrade, the students visited the modern GAZPROM petrol station “Dunav”, which represents the premium segment of NIS petrol stations in Serbia and the region, and we saw the quality of products that the company is offering to the consumers. Krishan Rele, a student from India, said that he enjoyed the visit to NIS. “It was interesting to learn how the company went from being a loser to a profitable company, and also to hear its plans for the future. Oil industry is currently in crisis, and you managed to avoid this, which I think is significant, especially for further progress,” Rele said. For the fifth year in a row, NIS Company is developing partner relations with educational and scientific institutions in the country and abroad through its “Energy of Knowledge” program, which among other includes organization of student visits to the company, as well as guest lectures of NIS representatives in universities. As a successful manager and businessman, General Manager of NIS is also developing his academic career. Since he has a degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences, General Manager of NIS also teaches at the Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology, and at the Gubkin University in Moscow, and he is also a guest lecturer at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. He is the author of numerous scientific publications. Head of the Cabinet Nadežda Kokotović helps him with his engagement as a professor.