Students from Zrenjanin were supported by NIS to do their professional practice in Russia

June 8, 2016

Students from Zrenjanin after returning from practice at the Ukhta State Technical University in Russia, where they stayed with the support of NIS company. The students who have specialized themselves in the Russian Federation are the first generation of students from the newly certified course of Industrial Engineering in Oil and Gas Exploitation at the Technical Faculty in Zrenjanin whose founding has been initiated by NIS in order to educate the staff capable of working in the Company. The studies have an interdisciplinary character and include visits of professors from the Ukhta University, as well as professional practice for students. "For all of us, this practice is a fantastic experience which we could have not gained without NIS support. All the courses which have been prepared for us are excellent, and thanks to our visits to the polygons, we have become ready for the subjects which we will study ng next years. We have learnt a lot, and we have also managed to use the knowledge which we have gained in our education so far and we have also seen how it is used in practice, which is very important for me", the student Atila Keresturi has said after returning from Russia. This has been the second time for the student Danijela Markov to do her practice in Ukhta. "Thanks to NIS, this is the second time for me to have had an opportunity to do my practice in Ukhta and see how big oil companies around the world work, which is a great experience for me. The practice has met all my expectations, the subjects which we have learnt there conform to everything we have learnt so far, but also to that what we will learn in the future", Danijela Markov has said. "I am too satisfied with everything I have managed to learn so far, to see and experience in this practice. I believe that this experience will be very useful for me when I start working one day, since we have had a chance to see how theoretical knowledge which we have gained at the Faculty can be used in practice, and on a global level", the student Marijana Dragišić has said. The Ukhta University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, which is specialized in the area of oil and gas and at which the staff for the biggest oil companies in the world is educated, such as Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, etc. NIS has supported the trip of the students for professional practice to the Russian Federation so that the potential engineers could have more qualitative and comprehensive education and so that after graduation they could have a more certain future and work in their field of profession. The cooperation of NIS and educational and scientific institutions is achieved by the corporate programme called "Energy of Knowledge".