Successful Completion of Further Pančevo Refinery Modernization

March 8, 2016

Further modernization has boosted the efficiency of the Refinery’s production and strengthened the reliability of its operation. Other than that, the facilities are now absolutely capable to operate steadily and reliably in high temperatures in summer time, when an increased output is planned for the best quality Euro  5 standard products intended for local and foreign market. Total cost of this investment overhaul is around RSD 30 million, and the operations have been completed at the following refinery plants – atmospheric and vacuum distillation, at the plants for secondary processing – plants for mild hydro-cracking and hydro-treatment (MHC/DHT), plants: Hydrogen, Platforming and production unit of gas treatment, which output Euro  5 quality products. Being a socially responsible company, NIS has completed the entire operation in compliance with the stringent environmental and occupational safety standards, and over the course of this  further revamp of the refinery plants the market was duly and promptly supplied with all types of oil products. NIS will continue the upgrade of the operation of the Pančevo Oil Refinery, proving in this way that further development of the refining is set as one of the most important priorities of the company.