Summer Practice Program in Russia supported by NIS

June 17, 2014

In co-operation with the Russian State University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin", NIS has arranged the summer semester courses in Crimea for 13 first and second-year undergraduate students attending Geology and Oil and Gas Engineering study programs at the faculties of the Universities of Belgrade, Banja Luka and Tuzla, recognized as strategic partners by the Company. They will spend three weeks in Crimea dealing with geological exploration and four days in Moscow, at the "Gubkin" University. Students left on 14 June, officially escorted with a ceremony from the Belgrade Airport "Nikola Tesla". Nine students from the Faculty of Mining and Geology of the University of Belgrade arrived in Crimea, eight of them being NIS scholarship holders from the newly-accredited study program "Oil and Gas Engineering", three students from the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Construction of the University of Tuzla and one student from the Mining Faculty, Prijedor of the University of Banja Luka. The Professional Practice Program comprises two modules. The first module implies staying at the Crimean Peninsula, which is characterized by a great diversity of geological structures, and active phenomenon of modern, exogenous geological processes that provide the students with an opportunity to experience numerous exploration and research methods. During the course of the first module, the students will attend lectures in the field of oil and gas origin, conditions of oil and gas deposit formation, prospecting and oil and gas reservoir exploration, exploration of non-conventional hydrocarbon resources and oil and gas, in the overall duration of ten academic hours. Young Talents, which will be staying in the student hostel in the town of Alushta, in addition to practice and lecture programs attended, will have the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the Crimean Peninsula, Sevastopol and tour visits of cultural and historical monuments. The second module of the program will take place in Moscow. The students will be staying at the Russian State University of Oil and Gas "Gubkin", attending the lectures in the field of lithology, geophysical methods of hydrocarbon resource exploration and drilling and geophysical exploration of oil and gas wells, for a total of ten academic hours. The person in charge, on behalf of NIS, is Darija Riznik, Director of Training and Development Sector. She pointed out that summer semester in the Russian Federation is a great opportunity for our students to get a deeper insight into the practice and enhance the theoretical knowledge acquired so far, for the sake of a sound oil company career preparation with such a renowned employer as NIS is.