Supplying of River Transit Fleet Started at NIS Bunker Terminal in Novi Sad

April 23, 2012

NIS's terminal on the Danube River in Novi Sad, at which vessels are supplyed with fuel, in the future will operate as customs warehouse for the supply of river transit fleet. According to the decision of the Ministry of Finance, NIS disposes with an adequate space for fuel storage, and thust all the requirements for customs warehousing and implementation of customs control measures have been met. In future at the recently opened bunker station in Novi Sad two lines, one for the domestic market, and the other intended for the customs warehouse and supply of foreign shipping companies, as well as of domestic ships saililing out of the territory of Serbia will be opearating. For a specific category of customers who will be supplied through the customs warehouses, the fuel prices are lower for the amount of VAT and excise duties, in accordance with applicable regulations of the Republic of Serbia. In this way the company continues to develop its new business that has been launched in order to secure the supply of ships and shipping companies by high quality fuel along river routes in Serbia, which also contributes to the improvement and development of river transportation in Serbia.