Take a Chance on NIS in 2014

March 13, 2014

Five years in a row, the region’s largest power generator – NIS – in its quest for social responsibility, has been pooling efforts with local administration to provide employment and expertise to Serbia’s youngsters within its NIS Chance scheme with a view to bring about company’s long-term steady development. Application deadline for this year had expired in the wake of selection process with interviews and testing. Come June, employment is in store for as many as 160 young hopefuls. Inexperienced young school or university graduates on file with National Employment Bureau are eligible. The shortlisted ones will be given chance to work in the cities of Belgrad, Novi Sad, Pančevo, Čačak, Kikinda, Bečej, Niš and Zrenjanin. Graduates from the following university departments will be taken on staff: Mining and Engineering, Technology, Iron and Steel Institute, Mechanical Engineering, Technical Sciences, Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Organisational Scieences, Traffic, Economy, Legal and Civil Engineering as well as graduates from these colleges: Technial, Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry, Geology and Hydrometeorology, Railway, Electrical Engineering or Traffic. The candidates will be picked based on their academic performance score, company-devised tests and interviews with prospective managers. The youth employment scheme commenced in 2010 as a joint effort with Serbia’s governmental “First Chance” programme. Two years later it came under the company auspices. “More than 670 young graduates have been given a chance to work in NIS since 2010, to match their theoretical knowledge with practical skills. It is with the greatest of pleasures that the Company makes possible for the young experts to make their first professional steps in such an entity as NIS. Providing employment to the young is a part and parcel of our business strategy aimed at acquiring the business profiles pivotal for company’s further development, which are in short supply on domestic market. By preventing a brain drain, we offer the young to make their contribution to our company’s development“, says Nataša Stamenković, NIS HR executive. When they come on board as part of NIS Chance programme, the young are allocated an apprenticeshop, with 90 per cent of them subsequently staying on company staff. In addition to great professional outlook, some of them have been granted mortgage subsidies and some other perks NIS lavishes on its emplyees. Last year NIS employed 255 young staffers and allocated almost RSD 86 million to train them, with close to RSD 45 million to be invested in 160 of those to come on board this year.