Teaching Outdoors supported by NIS

December 18, 2014

This project implementation is aimed at increasing the motivation of both the students and the teachers; moreover, the children will have the opportunity to learn about environmental issues in an interesting way from an early age. In addition to this classroom, an ecological oasis was opened as well, to be tailor fitted by the students themselves which will allow them to familiarize themselves with environmental issues in a practical way. The "Cooperation for Development" Program was designed for the sake of strengthening partnerships with the local communities involved and has been implemented for six years in a row already. A public competition "Together to the Community" has been conducted under this Program for three years now. This year, the competition is organized in cooperation with 11 municipalities. Projects selected through this public competition contribute to the development of the local communities involved, facilitate and ensure smooth operation of a number of institutions and promote the operation of cultural, educational and sports institutions.