Tennis Spectacle for Children in Zrenjanin

August 24, 2016

Children in Zrenjanin had an opportunity to take part in NIS’ Open Tennis School During the mini tennis spectacle, the children showed competitive spirit, sport values and friendship. The energy of sport and friendships triumphed at the square and at the end of the day, all the children received a diploma as a token of gratitude for their participation and fair play. NIS has recognized the importance of investing in children and professional sports and, for the fifth year in a row, together with the Serbian Tennis Federation, organises free-of-charge tennis schools in all the regions of our country. As a part of its Future at Work corporate slogan, NIS encourages and promotes children and professional sport, healthy lifestyle and proper development of young people. This is not the end of the campaign, as there will be open tennis schools in Ćuprija, Jagodina and Subotica.