The first Gazprom-branded petrol station starts operation in the Balkans

December 18, 2012

Gazprom Neft's subsidiary - NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia) opened the first Gazprom-branded petrol station in Belgrade. Following this, the new premium Gazprom retail network will expand to the the markets of other countries in the Balkan region. The development of the network including a new brand will include Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first petrol stations will soon be opened in Bulgaria and Romania. By the end of 2013, the Gazprom network will include 100 petrol stations. NIS will operationally manage the Gazprom petrol station network in the Balkans region. The Gazprom petrol station network will be a part of the premium segment in the Balkans fuel market. These petrol stations will sell Euro 5 standard fuel, high-quality oils and lubricants and other non-fuel products. The concept of the petrol stations will include a shop, restaurant and cafe. Customers will have other services available, for example, wireless Internet access. "The development of the new petrol station network in the Balkans market shall enable the use of all the advantages of Gazprom brand, which is well-known in Europe. We are getting closer to the customer, offering high-quality European Union standard fuel, produced at our refining facilities. I am sure that these factors, together with a recognised brand will contribute to the Gazprom petrol stations becoming the leader in the Balkans retail market" - said Alexei Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Gazprom. NIS j.s.c.'s Donation to SOS Children's Village Kraljevo As a part of its corporate social responsibility policy, NIS j.s.c. has donated fuel in the amount of RSD 300,000 to the SOS Children's Village Kraljevo. This charitable gesture marks the beginning of cooperation with this humanitarian organisation. Filling a vehicle of SOS Children's Village Kraljevo with fuel during the petrol station opening ceremony officially marked the beginning of operation of the first Gazprom petroleum station in Serbia. SOS Children's Village Kraljevo, founded in 2004 with the aid of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and SOS Kinderdorf International, comprises the Centre for Foster Family Care and a network of 14 foster families. This organisation endeavours to provide children without parental care with an opportunity to grow up in a home environment and be prepared to lead an independent life. Awarded Special Prize in "First Kilometres with NIS Petrol" Campaign During the ceremony to mark the opening of the first Gazprom petrol station in Serbia, Sanja Sovrlić, the winner of the special prize in the "First Kilometres with NIS Petrol" campaign, was awarded with a NIS Fuel Card in the amount of RSD 30,000. Sanja Sovrlić has been chosen as the first to apply for NIS Petrol's campaign termed "First Kilometres with NIS Petrol", which is organised on NIS j.s.c. Facebook page "First Kilometres with NIS Petrol" is a campaign intended for young motorists who have passed their driving test in the past 6 months. The application is organised every month. The fastest to apply via the "First Kilometres with NIS Petrol" application on the Company's Facebook page will be provided with NIS Fuel Cards in the amount of RSD 2000. So far, nearly 300 cards have been given away, and this campaign has been planned to continue in the following year as well.