The fourth “Bolshoi” festival launched with the support of Gasprom Neft

July 16, 2016

The festival, which runs until July 17 was declared opened by its founder, director Emir Kusturica and Alexander Dibalj, Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO for Corporate Communications.

The festival was opened by director Emir Kusturica and Aleksandar Dibalj, Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO for Corporate Communications

"Collaboration with Gazprom Neft is a privilege for us and this festival in which we will enjoy the next three days is the fruit of that collaboration. At the time that marks grave hardships for the world we live in, here we take pleasure in the sublime tones. We have brought classical Russian music in a place where no one expected to hear it. The most beautiful thing is the fact that this festival has become a meeting point for the most talented individuals. At a time when everything is measured and quantified in figures, we put emphasis on quality. I want to express my appreciation to Gazprom Neft, which has enabled us in this choice location to listen to the sounds that will reverberate throughout the world,” Kusturica said.

Aleksandar Dibalj said that Gazprom Neft was one of the biggest investors in Serbia and that it would continue to invest in the development of Serbian economy.

"As an investor coming from Russia, which has a particular significance for Serbia, we immediately realised that merely economic investments would not be enough, and that cultural investments were also needed. Therefore, for a number of years Gazprom Neft invests in cultural projects together with our Serbian partners thus, among other events, we also sponsor the Kustendorf Film Festival. Four years ago we discussed with Emir Kusturica the idea how to make a good joint project, and our friend Emir, brilliant as he is, immediately came up with the idea to launch in this location a festival of Russian classical music and modestly called it "Bolshoi". The project has been successfully implemented, and so now we have the opportunity at this beautiful place to listen to to the music performed by most talented musicians” Gasprom Neft Deputy CEO for Corporate Communications stated.

At the opening of the event the audience enjoyed in the performance of Zoran Todorovic, one of the world's finest lyrical tenors, and the “Bolshoi" Symphony Orchestra.

Tonight's concert is merely the beginning of the festival, which is divided into a competition part and a concert program. The competition part will feature 65 young talented musicians from schools and academies from Serbia, Republika Srpska and Russia, competing for festival awards - gold, silver and bronze Matryoshka dolls. The jury that will decide who will win the awards is composed of Yuri Rozum, the famous pianist and the People's Artist of Russia, Ljiljana Nestorovska, Dean of the Belgrade Faculty of Music Arts, and Zoran Komadina, a professor in the Music Academy of Eastern Sarajevo.

  Festival in the ethno village Mecavnik is traditionally held since 2013 with the support of Gazprom Neft.

The concert program will feature the works of renowned music vedettes such as cellist Narek Hakhnazaryan, pianist Yuri Rozum, violinist Nemanja Radulovic.

The musical event in Mokra Gora presents young talents with an opportunity to exchange experiences and train their skills through collaboration with renowned artists

The festival, which is traditionally held since 2013 with the support of Gasprom Neft, gives young musicians an opportunity to share their experiences, as well as to improve their skills by cooperating with renowned artists.