The Serbian Mathematical Olympiad started under the auspices of NIS

April 7, 2014

The NIS business centre in Novi Sad hosted the official opening of the second Serbian Mathematical Olympiad, organized by the Serbian Society of Mathematicians and the Academy of Arts, all within the NIS campaign Energy of the Knowledge. The two-day competition will be the venue where young mathematicians will struggle to qualify for the International Mathematical Olympiad, to be held in South Africa in June, whereas the best ones will be granted the NIS scholarship for further education. "We believe that investing in science and encouraging the development of natural science fosters the future for both this generation, and the NIS. Many of these competitors will have the chance to become our colleagues one day, and our wish is to see the NIS as their partner down the path of their ambitions and goals in the winning the scientific achievements" said Snezana Lakicevic, the NIS Manager for Collaboration with Universities. Among the 36 participants at this year's Serbian Mathematical Olympiad, including the nationally best ranked high school students from Serbia, there were also the most successful contestants from Russia, who will compete in a the revue section. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, in the NIS Business Centre, in Belgrade. Energy of the Knowledge is a program launched by NIS with the aim to develop the partnerships with educational institutions in the country and to help education of the highly qualified personnel. Cooperation includes scholarships for the most successful students, the in-house internship program, additional trainings, acquiring new knowledge and implementation of the joint research projects. Energy of the Knowledge also includes support programs for high school students and competition sponsoring at all levels (school, municipality, regional and federal competitions) and Olympiads in mathematics, physics, chemistry and Russian language.