The Strength of Partnership – NIS and the Faculty of Organisational Sciences Signed a Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation

November 2, 2012

Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation between NIS and Faculty of Organisational Sciences (FOS) was signed today in Belgrade by the dean of FOS, Milan Martić, and the Director of Organisational Affairs at NIS, Dmitry Fomenko. Common interest and the strength of this partnership is seen in better access to information and the improvement of student's business know-how; better contact via internships, and an offer for the best students to continue their career at NIS. The new method of cooperation and constant communication with students shall enable the student internships at NIS. At the same time, NIS shall provide guest lectures by experts, assistance with preparation of research and graduate papers, training modules and opportunities for joint projects. "As a socially responsible company, NIS has been cooperating with the universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad for three consecutive years, with the goal of integrating business and know-how. The signing of this memorandum means that the company is increasingly dedicated to the student population, especially to professions required by NIS, and FOS is surely one of them. We offer young students and graduates of technical and organisational sciences an opportunity to build their careers at our Company, not only in Serbia, but also at three continents where NIS does business", said Dmitry Fomenko, Director of Organisational Affairs. The connection between education and business is extremely significant to NIS in order to achieve the best results, and our company and FOS found a common interest regarding this matter. NIS nurtures a concept of continuous improvement and is ready to provide know-how and experience to young people in order to produce experts who shall overcome the challenges of the modern business world. "FOS decided to enter into partnership with NIS with the goal of providing their students an opportunity to improve their business know-how in a large and successful company via various internship opportunities and preparation of research and graduate papers. Students will be able to link their knowledge from various theoretical fields in order to resolve specific issues in practice. Moreover, lectures given at FOS by NIS experts are of extreme importance to every student. In this manner, the competency level of our students shall be improved.", said prof. dr Milan Martić, the dean of FOS Memorandum on Strategic Cooperation between NIS and FOS is in accordance with the Contract on Strategic Cooperation signed between NIS and the University of Belgrade two years ago. Faculty of Organisational Sciences operates within the University of Belgrade, one of the best organised higher education institutions in the region. According to surveys on the quality of education, FOS is ranked first in Serbia. In their senior year, students have mandatory internships at leading companies, and they are improving their theoretical background and skills by performing specific activities.