Two more small power plants start operation at NIS

February 19, 2015

The electricity and heat generate from gas which had not been previously used The capacity of these two plants totals 2.3 MW, and the value of the investment stands at three million euros. The company now has 11 small power plants (i.e. cogeneration modules) in total in Serbian oil and gas fields, reaching the production levels of 9.6 MW worth of electrical power. These mini-power plants are important because they generate electricity and heat from gas which had not been previously used due to its high carbon-dioxide and nitrogen content. This is why converting this gas into electricity has an environmental aspect to it – the gas was previously fed to the flares, so now the emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere are reduced. “The two newest mini power plants are another step in the development of the company’s cogeneration capacities, which will result in making gas resourse use at NIS more efficient. The electricity generated in these power plants is sold in the market, whereas the heat is used for the needs of the NIS infrastructure,” Igor Korać, Deputy Director of Energy at NIS, said in a statement.