Two new NIS’ classrooms opened in Novi Sad

March 20, 2014

In the “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj“ gymnasium and Technology Department of the Novi Sad University today were inaugurated two classrooms refurbished, remodelled and furnished for classes and provided by PCs by NIS. The company has provided funds to remodel classrooms pursuant to the cooperation memorandum with two education institutions to streamline and revamp the premises for study of the young. A classroom in the Gymnasium is outfitted with more than 20 desktop PCs, a lap-top and a modern film projector and screen. “This classroom comes at the very nick of time – come Autumn here will come into existence the first class for the exceptionally gifted IT folk, which means that NIS coloured desks will welcome Vojvodina’s best IT youngsters in September”, claimed Radivoje Stojković, the headmaster. Technology Department of the Novi Sad University has been provided with a new IT classroom, is outfitted with more desktop PCs, a lap-top, a film projector a screen, as well as a new furniture. The classroom opening was attended by two Technology Department scholarship holders, who will also be granted company scholarships on a monthly basis, for which in return they will have to graduate with honours and study the Russian language. Once they graduate NIS employment is in store for them. Other than these scholarship holders, NIS facilitates the study of 31 secondary school students and 16 academy undergraduates in sciences. At this junction, five young Serbs study in Moscow and St. Petersburg Universities, while 15 youngsters shall qualify to study in Russia. To merit this they are to excel in their studies and subsequently become NIS staff members. “These vibrant young faces shine with the energy of knowledge. Concerted efforts with quality colleges and gymnasia and Universities is how we see fit to shape the future of the company and the country at large“, were the words of Andrey Shibanov, Deputy CEO in charge of Organisational Affairs, expressing his belief in the strengthening of this effort. “First and foremost we are looking to revamp the system of values, to recognise and provide incentive for the best and make it clear that expertise in sciences is in our high demand. This is our way to encourage the young gifted people and reassure them that their diligence will not go awry, as our company provides employment to them”, pointed out Snežana Lakićević, a NIS liaison officer for university studies, as she inaugurated these classrooms. “The signing of an agreement with the company is pivotal as it makes possible for two strong brands, the Novi Sad University and NIS, join forces in creating quality experts”, stated Miroslav Vesković, the Novi Sad University Chancellor. The refurbishment of classrooms at “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj“gymnasium and Technology Department of the Novi Sad University has been made possible by the “Power of Knowledge” corporate social responsibility programme. Classrooms of the sort have previously been donated to the Belgrade Mathematics Gymnasium and three departments of Serbia’s University: Mining and Engineering in Belgrade, Technology School in Zrenjanin, and recently Technology Department in Novi Sad. Last year alone, the company facilitated Serbia’s education institutions to the tune of almost RSD 50 million. NIS has so far signed cooperation agreements with the Belgrade and Novi Sad universities, as well as almost 20 individual departments belonging to these two largest universities.