Valjevo and Krupanj open physics and chemistry labs with support by „Gazprom Neft“, NIS and Novak Đoković Foundation

December 4, 2015

Financial donations made by the companies „Gazprom Neft“ and NIS as well as the Novak Đoković Foundation provided the physics laboratory to the Valjevo High School, while the Krupanj Secondary School got a modern chemical laboratory. The revamp of these classrooms in the two schools has been completed within a joint project delivered by two companies and a foundation owned by world’s number one tennis player, which also includes remodelling of as many as 10 laboratories throughout Serbia, that have been hard hit by the floods last year. Modern physics and chemistry laboratories have so far been opened in schools in the towns of Obrenovac, Petrovac na Mlavi, Ub, Lazarevac, Svilajnac, Paraćin, Valjevo and Krupanj. The most recent in this network of revamped laboratories is to be opened next week in the town of Smederevska Palanka. These activities had been completed by the companies „Gazprom Neft“ and НИС, whose employees collected funds to the tune of RSD 30 million, seeking to help the populace of the areas that bore the brunt of last year’s floods. A decision was made that the funds collected in association with the world’s number one tennis player foundation be invested in the renovation of the premises in primary and secondary schools in order to facilitate development of education and support the young in Serbia.