Valuable Prizes with NISOTEC Products

October 13, 2017

By purchasing NISOTEC synthetic or semisynthetic motor oil for passenger vehicles by 31 October, and with saved fiscal bill, consumers will become eligible to participate in awarding, and thus gain the possibility to win a drive in NISOTEC vehicle from home to work or to any other location in the city. During the NISOTEC ride, lucky winners will have an opportunity to respond to questions about the most famous oil brand of the NIS Company that will be communicated through TDI radio. Most successful ones will win valuable prizes, among which is also the fuel card with the value of RSD 3,000. Right to participate in this prize activation shall be won by the consumer by sending SMS message on the telephone number 069 3089 399, and the detailed mechanism of the campaign is available on the website: or through free call to NIS Call Centre – 08 0000 8888. Wide palette of NISOTEC products has been made of most quality raw materials in cooperation with the world known producers of additive and base oils, and their use will enable fuel savings, extended useful life of engine and better anti-corrosive protection of the engine. NISOTEC brand is the winner of the large champion cup of this year’s International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad for the top-notch quality of motor and hydraulic oils, as well as seven large golden medals and three golden medals for the quality of NISOTEC palette of products.