Voluntary Blood Donation at the Novi Sad Business Centre

November 14, 2014

Both the employees and the Company management took part in the initiative organized by the NIS Naftagas Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia. As many as 64 employees took part, headed by NIS CEO Kirill Kravchenko. This humanitarian association has over 800 members, and manages to collect around 900 blood units per year. -We are grateful to all the employees and management who participated in the campaign and joined the large blood donor family. Among the donors in the campaign organized today, apart from those who started donating blood years ago, there were also our new young colleagues, which brings special joy, since we participate in raising up new generations who will stand ready to give blood as required and save lives, stressed Milan Vesić, President of the NIS-Naftagas Voluntary Blood Donors Association.