Winners Declared in NIS’ Serbian Chemistry Olympiad

June 1, 2015

Winners were honoured with Energy of Knowledge statuettes, and the winning team will represent Serbia at the 47th International Chemistry Olympiad, to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, in July this year. The big golden Energy of Knowledge statuette was awarded to Aleksa Milosavljević, from the Svilajnac secondary school, and the silver went to Miloš Grobor from the Secondary School of Mathematics in Belgrade. The bronze statuette was awarded to Stefan Stojanović from the Leskovac Grammar School. Small Energy of Knowledge statuettes went to Miloš Selaković from the Užice Grammar School and Vladimir Antonijević from the Svetozar Marković Grammar School in Jagodina. The winners’ statuettes were awarded by Dr Snežana Lakićević, NIS manager for cooperation with educational and science institutions. The award ceremony was attended by the President of the Serbian Chemical Society, Professor Živoslav Tešić, and the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at University of Belgrade, Professor Branimir Jovančićević. Serbian Chemistry Olympiad competition for secondary school students was held on May 29 and 31 at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade. In addition to chemistry Olympiads, NIS supports Olympiads in mathematics, physics, and the Russian language. Through the corporate programme Energy of Knowledge, NIS invests in the development of education and science. Investing in young people and the community is a strategic segment of NIS’ business operations, implemented under the slogan “Future at Work”.