Winners of Serbian Physics Olympiad Announced

May 12, 2015

The big golden "Energy of Knowledge" statuette was awarded to Dušan Novičić of the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade. The winner of the big silver statuette was Janko Šušteršič of the First Grammar School in Kragujevac, while the big bronze statuette was won by Marija Šindik of the Mathematical Grammar School. Small statuettes were awarded to Željko Arsić of the High School of Electrical Engineering in Pančevo and to Radoica Draškić of the Šabac Grammar School. The five students will represent Serbia at the international competition. The winners were awarded statuettes by Snežana Lakićević, PhD, Manager in NIS for cooperation with educational and scientific institutions, while the award ceremony was also attended by the representatives of the Serbian Society of Physicists, the organizer of the Serbian Physics Olympiad. The competition within the Serbian Physics Olympiad for secondary school students, 37 of them in total, was held on May 9 and 10 at the Faculty of Physics. In addition to the Physics Olympiad, NIS also supports Mathematics, Chemistry and Russian language Olympiads. Through its corporate program "Energy of Knowledge", NIS cooperates with educational and scientific institutions, supporting development of young professionals, both for its own and the society’s needs. Apart from supporting the knowledge olympiads, the Energy of Knowledge program covers student scholarships, classroom and laboratory outfitting, as well as summer school and camp organisation.