Winners of the Knowledge Olympics in Russian, Chemistry and Mathematics announced

June 2, 2014

NIS Business Center, Novi Sad announced the winners of the Russian Language Olympics, Serbian High School Chemistry Olympics and Serbian Elementary School Mathematics Olympics organized within the corporate project "Energy of Knowledge". The Russian language Competition was held in four categories, and the top-ranking was Milica Kalanj from Belgrade. Marko Nesic from Krupanj won the first place in the Serbian Chemistry Olympics while the best-ranking in the Serbian Mathematical Olympics was Ivan Pesic from Belgrade. The top three winners won bronze, silver and gold statuettes of the Energy of Knowledge. The ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, Srđan Verbić, PhD, Prof. Miroslav Veskovic, PhD, Rector of the University of Novi Sad, representatives of the University, Serbian Chemical Society, Serbian Slavistic Society, as well as the top management from NIS j.s.c. The "Energy of Knowledge" Project, implemented within NIS, is a prime example of socially responsible behavior that should be followed by many other companies in our country. From a marketing standpoint, this is not obvious, however, at this moment, it is extremely important for our country," said the Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, Srđan Verbić, PhD, adding that the Government should help companies to invest more in talented students: "The Government's job is to help by making joint efforts with the companies involved in order to prioritize and assess investment opportunities, where necessary, emphasizing that such competitions allow everyone to make the most of education, as much as possible, and take the responsibility for their own future". The Deputy CEO of NIS, Mr. Andrey Shibanov stated that NIS should proceed with investments in young talented students, taking into consideration the fact that projects such as the "Еnergy of Knowledge" were significant for both the company itself and the students. The Company has been investing in the young for a long time, there are more and more schools and faculties we co-operate with, both in Serbia and the region, and we are very interested in creating experts who will be ready to perform the work assigned with on a professional level. Through such competitions, NIS supports talent development directing the youth towards natural science careers which seem to be extremely important for our profession, whereas prospective professional, highly-qualified staff is crucial for the Company. We are absolutely confident that our support stimulating young people, shall make them recognize the importance of the natural sciences, but the Russian language as well. The fact that this year's number of the Russian language Olympics applicants almost doubled the last year's figures, speaks for itself making it obvious that there is a growing interest in the Russian language, and that the company is on the right track supporting a unique competition in this region. The Olympics, included in the official competition calendar of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, held in in Belgrade and Novi Sad during the period from 24 - 31 May, gathered participants from primary and secondary schools throughout Serbia, as well as Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska. The Chemistry Olympics winners shall participate in the International Chemistry Olympics, whereas the top-ranking in Mathematics shall take part at the Balkaniade.