With the Support of NIS, Borković Wins the European Throne

September 17, 2012

For the first time in history Serbia has a European car racing champion. The fastest Serb, Dušan Borković, became the official European champion of mountain races in Buzet (Croatia) in the last race of the European Championship. He crowned an already great season with the big celebration at the end of the race together with thousands of fans, a large number of journalists from Serbia and the region, as well as with NIS representatives. The greatest achievement of Serbian car racing Borković achieved through cooperation with NIS, which has supported him for two years in a row. Upon completion of the last race Borković got out of the car and started celebrating by opening a bottle of champagne. Fans from Croatia, Serbia and other countries were cheering and congratulated him on the title. "I am so happy that we won another goal, another top position. Serbia has become the best in the car racing sport as well. At the beginning of the season I promised that I would bring European title to Serbia and I fulfilled my promise. I promised that I will give my best to promote the car racing sport in Serbia and the fact that more than 30 Serbian journalists celebrated European title in Buzet with me tells me that we won that battle as well. Thank you all for your support, we will celebrate in Serbia – those were the first impressions of the new European champion of car racing, Dušan Borković