Yes, We Can Press – Environmental Campaign Held in Novi Sad

July 6, 2012

  Yesterday, at the Novi Sad main city square, NIS and Exit Festival organised an environmental campaign with the goal of raising awareness of recycling. Despite the warm weather, many citizens brought tin cans that were pressed on the spot. A lot of people visited the stand in the morning, before the official start, because they wanted to be among the first 10 with 100 tin cans and win tickets for the Exit Festival. A total of 2000 tin cans were collected from noon to nine in the evening. Architecture students will build "environmental chairs" for the NIS Reggae Stage. This is the most relaxed area at Exit, and it will have an eco-garden, while the visitors will be able to leave messages made of wire and plastic cups. Every participant in the campaign received a sticker, and the citizens who collected 50 tin cans received a badge and canvas eco-bag from NIS. NIS supports Exit Festival as a part of its corporate responsibility programme. This year's festival is taking place from 12th to 15th of July.