NIS won “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” Award


NIS has received “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award in the “Social Responsibility Leader” category for 15 years of implementing the “Together for the Community” programme.

This prestigious award is given as part of the “Road to the Top” project, which aims to encourage and affirm entrepreneurship in Serbia and which has been implemented since 2000 by the Universities of Novi Sad and Belgrade, Media Invent from Novi Sad, and RTV Vojvodina. NIS has been nominated for “Kapetan Miša Anastasijević” award by the Serbian Association of Employers and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. In previous years, NIS has been the winner of this award in various categories.

The award was received on behalf of NIS by Mr Stefan Despotović, director of the Public Relations Centre, at a ceremony held in the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade.

Through the award-winning “Together for Community” programme, NIS invests in the empowerment and development of partner cities and municipalities in Serbia. The programme focuses on supporting key areas for the development of society, such as education and science, public health and social protection, environmental protection, culture, and sport, with a particular focus on young people. Since 2009, NIS has invested almost RSD 1.6 billion through 1082 implemented projects that have improved the work of more than 180 educational institutions and more than 40 cultural institutions, equipped 45 hospitals and health centres, redecorated 74 children’s playgrounds and parks, as well as 72 sports fields and facilities.

In the past year, NIS has been dedicated to topics of national importance. “Together for the Community 2022” programme cycle was aimed at supporting the preservation of reproductive health and an increase in the birth rate, as well as at providing better conditions for the work of health institutions in Serbia, which was the basis for “May New Hopes be Born” campaign, which was implemented at the national level. Within the new cycle of the “Together for the Community” programme in 2023, funds in the amount of RSD 144.5 million will be directed to support young people, i.e. education and science.

In addition to NIS, the laureates include Air Serbia, Telekom Srbija, MK Group, Poštanska Štedionica, with a total of 22 awards given to the most successful individuals and companies in Serbia.



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