NIS allocated RSD 114.5 MLN to digitalise schools and keep them safe

Seeking to strengthen the safety of schoolchildren and upgrade Serbia’s education network, the NIS Company signed today the Cooperation Memorandum with Serbia’s Ministries of Interior and Science, Education and Technology Development.


Cooperation Agreements have also been exchanged between the NIS Company and local administrations, partners in the “Common Cause Community” social responsibility programme. Within this programme NIS intends to allocate RSD 114.5 million for the benefit of primary and secondary schools located in 12 towns and municipalities of Serbia  – Belgrade, Novi Sad, Požarevac, Niš, Čačak, Zrenjanin, Pančevo, Kikinda, Kanjiža, Novi Bečej, Srbobran and Žitište. The funds have been allocated for outfitting the institutions of education located in the above towns with the state-of-the-art safety and information systems and to digitalise the curriculum. NIS, thus, seeks to strengthen the safety of schoolchildren, as well as to provide to students better conditions to acquire knowledge and skills.

The Memorandum has been signed by Kirill Tyurdenev, the CEO of the NIS Company, Nebojša Stefanović, Minister of Interior and Mladen Šarčević, Minister of Science, Education and Technology Development in a ceremony by the Palace of Serbia in Belgrade. The keynote speakers at the ceremony included Aleksandar Antić, Serbia’s Minister of Mining and Power Generation, as well as Zoran Radojičić, Belgrade’s mayor.

Kirill Tyurdenev, the CEO of NIS, informed that since 2009, within its “Common Cause Community” programme, his company has completed almost a thousand projects funded with more than a billion RSD.

“Community needs are scrutinized through the prism of current state of affairs, invariably looking into the future. In a concerted effort with Serbia’s Government and local administrations we set the priorities. Last year, we focused on children’s health, naturally it remains our mainstay. This year we remain committed to the young. In association with Serbia’s Ministries of Education and Interior, we facilitate streamlining education digitalisation and safety systems in schools“

Kiril Tjurdenjev
Kirill Tyurdenev

Nebojša Stefanović, Minister of Interior, acknowledged NIS for upholding Serbia’s quest  to boost our country’s population living standards.

“It is important that businesses are socially responsible and demonstrate that, in addition to making profits in the Republic of Serbia, they can also invest funds in the local areas and improve the town dwellers’ living standards. Government Republic of Serbia has the task of not only providing the life basics to its citizens, but to make sure that every single one of them feel the fruits of the country’s every strengthening economy, to ensure better schools for their children, better hospitals for patients, better roads, as well as strengthened security“

Ministar Stefanović
Nebojša Stefanović
Minister of Interior

Mladen Šarčević, Minister of Science, Education and Technology Development, pointed out that investing in education is the proof that NIS is child-centered.

“I want to thank everyone for what this company has done and what it is about to do, and I can freely say that we have become partners. It is especially important that NIS always asks what is necessary and required in order to better respond to the needs of the community. This action is of great importance for children’s safety, which is our priority. The better and more stable the system, the greater the chance to prevent bad situations and make our schools as safe as possible”

Ministar Sarcevic
Mladen Šarčević
Minister of Science, Education and Technology Development

Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Power Generation, stated that NIS is “a giant, a leader in its field, not only in Serbia, but in this part of Europe.

This company has invested a lot over the last ten years, not only in financial terms, but also in terms of efficiency, new technologies and a whole new perspective on business and social responsibility, which they have put in the first plan in every segment of their business. We have been intensively cooperating with NIS for many years, going through different episodes of their development and new projects, and therefore I want to emphasize that I am proud first and foremost of the relationship that NIS has towards the people, towards its employees, towards the citizens of Serbia and our country,

Ministar Antić
Aleksandar Antić
Minister of Mining and Power Generation

Belgrade’s mayor Zoran Radojičić  said that, within its “Common Cause Community” programme,  NIS has been allocating funds in areas of vital importance for all citizens.

“As for the city of Belgrade, 59 projects were fundeded with RSD 230 million throughout the previous 12 years. The cooperation with NIS is a remarkable example of a responsible conduct of a company aware that it can be happy only if surrounded with satisfied people, and by allocating these funds they contribute to the achievement of the objective”

Gradonačelnik Beograda
Zoran Radojičić
Belgrade’s mayor

The ceremony has also marked the start of this year’s public competition as part of “Common Cause Community” programme. The projects that will gain funding will be chosen by a Commission comprised of the representatives of the Ministries of Interior, and Science, Education and Technology Development Republic of Serbia, localе communities and the NIS Company. All terms and conditions of the public “Common Cause Community” competition have been posted on:, while the competition outcome will be made public before 22nd April 2020 .

Being Serbia’s leading social investor, NIS under the motto “Future at Work” has been investing significant funds in the community development, focusing on supporting the young. Since 2009, the Company invested more than RSD 3.7 billion in the social responsibility programmes.