NIS - The Winner of the Award for the Best Social Responsibility Campaign


NIS Company is the winner of the award for the best socially responsible campaign, awarded by the magazine “Diplomacy & Commerce” for the seventh year in a row. NIS was presented also the award at the festivity held in Belgrade National Museum for its campaign called “Let New Hopes be Born”, which the Company was implementing during the year 2022.

Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO, received the award on behalf of the NIS Company.
“Through the “Let New Hopes be Born” campaign, we have shown that NIS follows national priorities and supports the community in the areas that are most important for its further development and progress. Our slogan is “Future in Action”, and there is no future without children. We hope that, with our campaign, we have contributed to increasing the visibility of this topic of importance for society as a whole, and by extending our support, we have contributed to the birth of as many new hopes as possible,” Smirnov said.

NIS Company has implemented the award-winning campaign “Let New Hopes be Born” in accordance with the national priority – increasing the birth rate, and has set for its aim to improve the operating and working conditions of health institutions in the field of reproductive health and to provide support to couples in the process of in vitro fertilisation. During the “Let New Hopes be Born” campaign, NIS has supported the total of 40 health institutions in more than 30 cities and municipalities in our country.

NIS’s campaign “Let New Hopes be Born” was initiated by last year’s cycle of the program “Common Cause Community”, which the company has been implementing for 15 years in a row, in cooperation with partner cities and municipalities throughout Serbia. Funds in the amount of RSD 118.5 million within the “Common Cause Community” program are aimed at the purchase of specialised medical equipment and at the equipping of health institutions at all levels of health care that deal with reproductive health, for the purpose of timely diagnosis and treatment, as well as the co-financing of costs for couples in the process of in vitro fertilisation.

The company has also provided its support through the “Let new Hopes be Born” campaign, to maternity hospitals in less developed municipalities in the south and east of Serbia, by providing funds for the purchase of necessary medical equipment for eight maternity hospitals. At the end of the campaign, NIS donated 225 valuable gift packages to welcome 15 first-born babies in 2023 in 15 maternity hospitals in Serbia.

“Diplomacy & Commerce” awards are presented to individuals, companies and organisations that excel in humanitarian work, socially responsible, sustainable business and environmental projects, digitalisation and business innovations, to the development of art and culture, as well as to the improvement of bilateral cooperation, economic environment, business conditions and society in general. Awards were presented this year in 20 categories, and on the occasion of the seventh birthday of this magazine. Awards were presented this year in 20 categories, and on the occasion of the seventh birthday of this magazine. The members of the jury were prominent representatives of business, cultural and public life in Serbia, headed by Marko Čadež, President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.


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