NIS wins prestigious awards


NIS achieved an exceptional result at the business excellence competition “Oscar for Quality” for 2021 and won the fifth level of excellence and the “Champion of Excellence 2021” award. The “Oscar for Quality” is awarded by the Foundation for Quality Culture and Excellence (FQCE), in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia.

NIS is the first company to have won the title of the absolute champion twice in the history of this competition, and now the title of the champion of excellence as well. The recognition was received on behalf of the company by Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO and Director of the Function for Government Relations and Corporate Communications.

“I am proud of my colleagues and of the management of the company who have been facing risks and solving problems with an effective approach for years. They drew attention to the fact that our people are our greatest asset, and that we must strive to preserve every workplace. Today, we have one of the best refineries in the region, actually not one of the best, but the best, which can be compared to any refinery in Russia, and we are extremely proud of that. NIS looks towards the future with optimism. We are a large company and we are aware of our responsibility. As of next year, our focus is on the ecology and green transition, and we plan to remain leaders in this regard,” said Vadim Smirnov.

The success of NIS is all the greater, because at the same time Goran Stojilković, Deputy CEO of NIS for Petrochemical Affairs, won the special recognition “Leader of Business Excellence” for 2021.

“First of all, this recognition means recognizing the organizational capabilities and quality of corporate values that we have in the company, especially in this challenging period in which we are at the moment. In addition, being a leader in a company the size of NIS also means motivating people to deal with standard business tasks and personal challenges, finding energy in them, and achieving results. In order to achieve all of the above, you must be very clear in setting up and integrating the quality system in everyday business activities,” Goran Stojilkovic said.

The national award “Oscar for Quality” is awarded to profit and non-profit organizations, as an independent award for top results achieved in the improvement and development of organizational and business excellence. The prize is awarded in three categories: the real sector, the public sector, and organizations outside the territory of the Republic of Serbia. It is awarded by an expert jury composed of representatives of state, scientific, and professional institutions, based on the assessment teams selected from the list of registered business excellence assessors. When selecting the winners, the expert jury evaluates the results of the organization in as many as nine fields: leadership, strategy, human resources, partnership and resources, processes, products and services, results with users, results with human resources, results with the social community, and business results. Two years ago, new categories of awards were introduced: “Champion of Excellence”, for the organization that wins the fifth level of excellence and “Leader of Business Excellence”, for the first man of that organization, who at the final evaluation personally covered the criteria “Leadership” and “Strategy”.


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