Sponsorships and Donations

NIS facilitates Air Serbia’s Aid Airlift to Serbia

The „Naftna Industrija Srbije“ Company has decided to join in the feat of our national airline, as its aircraft bring medical equipment and repatriate our fellow-citizens to Serbia day in day out, and for that purpose allocated 270 tonns of jet fuel.


NIS and its staff made this gift in a bid to express gratitude to the personnel of Serbia’s air carrier who made themselves immediately available to the state and citizens of Serbia to involve selflessly in vital actions to surpress the spread of coronavirus in our country

In its concerted efforts with Air Serbia, NIS greatly contributes the efforts of the Republic of Serbia in stamping out the COVID-19 epidemic and make the help available to our healthcare personnel and citizens as soon as possible.

NIS’ Volunteers Club renders vibrant support to the community as well. Its members have been busy in numerous assistance activities for the benefit of first and foremost elderly citizens, the most vulnerable in the epidemic. In addition to daily chores benefitting elderly citizens, such as providing them with groceries and medicines, the NIS’ Volunteer Club members are also involved in manufacturing protecive masks, public areas disinfection and other activities facilitating  the surpression of the Covid-19 expansion.