NIS and its Volunteers in the Campaign of Cleaning Fruška Gora Mountain


This year, NIS and its Volunteer Club members were pleased to respond to the invitation to participate in the campaign of cleaning and landscaping Fruška Gora National Park, which was held on the occasion of World Environment Day, 5 June, and entitled “Workday for Nature”.

The campaign was organized in cooperation with the Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province, the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection, and the host of the campaign, Fruška Gora National Park. The goal of this joint activity is to contribute to the cleaning and removal of waste from locations within the National Park, as well as to publicly emphasize the importance of preserving and protecting the environment.

Almost 200 volunteers participated in the campaign, joined by Mr Igor Mirović, the President of the Provincial Government with his volunteer team, and Mr Kirill Tyurdenev, the CEO of NIS with the company’s volunteers.

The President of the Provincial Government, Mr Igor Mirović, stated that the goal of this and many other specific campaigns is cleaning and landscaping Fruška Gora.

“This campaign is special because, today, more than 200 volunteers participate in the cleaning of Fruška Gora – volunteers from the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning and Environmental Protection, Fruška Gora National Park, Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province, and Tour de Fruška sports event,” said Mr Mirović and thanked NIS, with which the Provincial Government has so far implemented numerous campaigns that have contributed to raising awareness of the importance of the environment.

The CEO of NIS, Mr Kirill Tyrdenev, thanked everyone who participated in this campaign.

“Today we gathered in one of the most beautiful places in Serbia, to which we always gladly return with a noble cause. We want to preserve Fruška Gora National Park for future generations so that they can also enjoy its beauty. For this, we need responsibility and unity. This year, NIS and its employees will provide a full contribution to the preservation of this natural wealth. Together we can do a lot, and protecting nature and our planet remains our priority,” Mr Tyurdenev said.

Mr Živko Cvetković, the Director of Fruška Gora National Park, said that the essence of today’s campaign is that all of us try and use our personal example to raise the awareness of citizens.

“Our goal is to highlight that we should fight to preserve this beauty of ours, the lungs of Vojvodina, and not to allow its further collapse, but to move in a positive direction, to protect nature, to make it more beautiful, and to leave it as we got it from our predecessors, at the very least,” Mr Cvetković said.

Environmental protection is one of the priorities of NIS. Since 2009, the company has invested more than EUR 900 million in environmental projects and projects that indirectly positively impact environmental protection. NIS also takes care of the environment through the company’s environmental campaigns, as well as the campaigns of the NIS Volunteer Club. In previous years, a large number of NIS volunteers participated in cleaning Fruška Gora but also in landscaping various green surfaces and excursion sites, the Tamiš River bank in Pančevo and the Sava River at Ada Ciganlija, cleaning the Botanical Garden in Belgrade, as well as in numerous other environmental and educational campaigns. NIS regularly informs the public about its efforts to contribute to environmental protection through verified reports on sustainable development, which have been published regularly since 2010. On the corporate website, NIS recently published a Report on Sustainable Development for 2022, during which the company continued to provide a strong contribution to the basic principles of sustainable development: economic progress, human resources development, environmental protection, and community support.


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