NIS and Computer Science Faculty Establish Cooperation


NIS and the Faculty of Computer Science of Union University have established cooperation in the realm of education, research and knowledge transfer. The memorandum of cooperation was signed by Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS, and Bojana Dimić Surla, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science.

The objective of this memorandum is to connect the scientific work of the faculty with the business activities of NIS, which will contribute to the scientific affirmation of the faculty and more successful business of the company. The memorandum envisages the exchange of knowledge and experiences, scientific research and scientific-consulting services, trainings, participation in joint projects, organization of mutual guest lectures, as well as inclusion of students in NIS youth programmes and professional internships, in accordance with the needs and capabilities of the company.

The cooperation between NIS and the Faculty of Computer Science will also take place within the master programme “Master in Computational Finance (MCF) programme”. This programme is one of the pioneers in integrative education in the field of computer finance. It integrates finance, computing, machine learning and the digital transformation of the modern economy.

Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS, stated that this is another step towards improving the company’s cooperation with faculties in Serbia.

“This activity of ours has existed for more than ten years, within the “Energy of Knowledge” programme. At the outset, we established cooperation with the faculties in the field of oil and gas, and at some point we realized that we should expand the cooperation to other faculties and other fields. On the one hand, we get a base of new quality staff, and on the other hand, interested faculties have the opportunity to cooperate with industry. I believe that this cooperation will come to life in mutual interest. It is also an opportunity for young people from this faculty to come to practice with us, to see what NIS is doing, and maybe they will find their future in NIS, “said Smirnov.

Bojana Dimić Surla, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, says that she is extremely pleased that he Faculty of Computer Science was granted such a privilege by the NIS Company, which has included it in the circle of faculties with which it cooperates.

“The Faculty of Computer Science has existed for 20 years and we have already been recognized by a large number of IT companies as an institution that provides quality education in the field of computer science. Colleagues from NIS are especially interested in our study programme in computer finance, in which they recognized that they can gain knowledge that is important to them. We are especially satisfied that with this memorandum, our students get the opportunity to participate in internships at NIS, to receive additional education from experts in practice, because academic education is especially important if it is connected with practical applications, “said Bojana Dimić Surla.

Prof. Dr. Branko Urošević, professor at the Master’s Programme “Master in Computational Finance (MCF)”, who is also the creator of this programme, said that it is unique in our country, as well as in the region and that NIS is one of the leading companies in Serbia that became a partner for college.

“What is characteristic of this particular Master Studies course is that it gives a unique connection between programmeming, which is our expertise at the faculty, and finance, machine learning and data work, so that economists, engineers, physicists and many others can come to the programme together they are learning “, Professor Urošević pointed out.

NIS and the Faculty of Computer Science will cooperate through NIS’s “Energy of Knowledge” programme, which was launched in 2012 and within which the company cooperates with educational and scientific institutions in the country and abroad and provides scholarships to students from Serbia.

NIS is the first company to receive the “Saint Sava Award” bestowed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia for its contribution to improving the quality of education in Serbia.


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