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NIS pays 5.78 billion Serbian dinars in dividends


On Monday, August 2022, NIS paid 5,782,121,784 Serbian dinars, which is 25% of last year’s net profit, in dividends to its shareholders. This is the tenth consecutive time the company has paid out dividends. In total, NIS has paid over 60 billion dinars to its shareholders so far.

All shareholders registered in the Central Registry, Depository and Clearing of Securities as of the XIV Regular Shareholders’ Assembly, June 19, 2022, are entitled to receive the payment.

Gazprom Neft holds 50% of the capital stock in NIS, whereas the Republic of Serbia owns 29.87% and Gazprom 6.15%. The rest of the shares is owned by invididuals, including current and former emplyees, and other minority shareholders. As of June 19, 2022, NIS had the total of 2,057,661 shareholders.

The Republic of Serbia received 1,727,346,562.02 dinars in dividends for 2021 in addition to the dividend tax.

Serbian citizens holding NIS shares received 30.14 dinars per share. Gross amount of dividents per share is 35.46 dinars, from which NIS pays to the state 15% in tax.

Payment to minority shareholders is made throught the Central Securitues Registry to the accounts the shareholders use to trade shares or the accounts they have indicated when applying for free shares.

NIS dividend policy is founded on a balanced approach taking into account the need for future investment on one hand and the rate of return on capital and amount of dividends of the other hand.


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