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NIS Pays Dividends for the Year 2022 to its Shareholders


On Thursday, August 24, the company NIS pays its shareholders a dividend for the year 2022. For these purposes, the gross amount of  RSD 23,364,924,716, i.e. 25 percent of last year’s net profit of the Company will be paid to them. It is also the largest annual sum that will be paid to shareholders since the company has started to pay dividends in 2013. So far, almost RSD 66 billion have been paid out as dividends.

All the shareholders who were registered in the Central Register, Securities Depository and Clearing House as owners of shares on the Shareholders’ Day of the XV regular session of the NIS Shareholders’ Assembly, i.e. on June 19, 2023, shall be entitled to receive dividends.

More than RSD 6.98 billion from profits for the year 2022, will be paid to the budget of the Republic of Serbia in the form of dividends, and the Republic of Serbia will also receive revenue based on the associated tax that is paid when disbursing dividends to shareholders.

Citizens of Serbia who own NIS shares will be paid RSD 121.7965 per share, which is the amount obtained when the gross value of the dividend per share (RSD 143.29) is decreased by the 15 percent tax that NIS is obliged to calculate and pay for these shareholders upon paying dividends.

Payment to minority shareholders is made through the Central Register of Securities, to the accounts they use for share trading or to the accounts they submitted when applying for free shares.


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