Petrol Stations

NIS Launches Takeover of Packages at NIS Petrol and GAZPROM Petrol Stations

NIS is the first retail chain in Serbia to provide the service of picking up and paying for ordered items at a number of NIS Petrol and GAZPROM petrol stations, in cooperation with the courier service D-Express.


When ordering online or placing an order by calling the D-Express courier service, customers will now be able to enter an address of a NIS petrol station which has the storage devices for picking up packages (i.e. a “package dispenser”) and the goods they have ordered will be delivered there. If a customer has indicated one of these petrol stations as the place of delivery, the courier service will leave the order in the package dispenser, and the customer may pick it up at any time during the petrol station’s working hours, by entering the code obtained through the mobile application. If the customer, when ordering the goods, opts for payment on delivery, it is necessary to pay for the service at the cash register of the petrol station to which the shipment was delivered before picking up the shipment.

So far, package dispensers have been installed at 30 NIS petrol stations in Belgrade, and the company will strive to increase the number of petrol stations which offer the new service to their customers.

“A modern way of life dictates a fast pace and requires an efficient time management. By introducing this service, unique  in the retail segment, NIS has once again confirmed its commitment to business improvement through the application of innovative approaches and new technological solutions. This service is particularly welcome in light of the new circumstances, as an additional health protection measure, as it provides the possibility of taking over shipments without direct social contact”, said Pavel Kandalintsev, Director of the NIS Retail Department.

More information about how to make online orders, as well as the detailed list of NIS petroleum stations which offer this service, can be obtained on the websites:, and, as well as by calling the NIS call center at 08 0000 8888.