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NIS started practical training for students in Elemir Training Center

NIS Company has signed the Agreement on Practical Training with the Technical School in Zrenjanin, and started to teach the second-year students of the profile: Oil and gas production plant operator.


The NIS’s Agreement anticipates the practical training of students, for whom the Company has also provided the transport from the school to the place of training, with the maximum of safety and protection measures. In compliance with that, the one-day induction training in occupational safety and health has been held for the trainees gathered in Training Center in Elemir, and covered safe work with the equipment for oil and gas production.

After more than 20 years, upon the initiative of NIS Company and within the program called Energy of Knowledge, the triennial educational profile “Oil and gas production plant operator” was started over in Zrenjanin Technical School, in the academic year 2014/2015. The following year, the cabinet for education in the area of oil and gas production and drilling techniques was opened with the aim to improve and upgrade the work conditions. After completing their education, 26 students of this profile have already got their employment at NIS.