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NIS Invested RSD 1.5 billion in the Development of the Retail Network


NIS Company invested almost RSD 1.5 billion in the upgrade and development of its retail network in 2022. During the previous year, NIS put into operation nine modernized NIS Petrol filling stations, out of which six were completely reconstructed, while three of them are completely newly built stations.

“Modern retail business requires that we adapt our business activities to the latest market trends, which implies constant investments in improving customer service, as well as the investments in the infrastructure of facilities. In recent years, NIS has been working intensively on the expansion and upgrade of the petrol station network, which, along with the constant improvement of the offer and its services, aims to ensure that our consumers can always count on maximum service and the best quality of products available in our modern retail stores”, Alexey Chernikov, director of Sales and Distribution Block in NIS company, has stated.

Specifically, we are talking about the modernized NIS Petrol filling stations in Kučevo, Kostolac, Lajkovac, Knjaževac, Veternik and Srbobran, while three new retail facilities were built, namely: “Zemun 1” in Belgrade, the NIS Petrol facility “Petrovaradin”, as well as the Gazprom petrol station “Bački Vinogradi”, near the Horgoš border crossing point.

The format of these newly opened petrol stations is adapted to the needs of the local market. Thus, NIS owns different types of facilities – from those that are made in the new XS economy format, intended for stations at good locations, but on small land plots as well, to petrol stations in the M-highway format, such as the Gazprom petrol station “Bački Vinogradi”, on the Belgrade-Budapest highway near the Horgoš border crossing.

The development and upgrading of the retail network remains one of the strategic priorities of the company’s operations in the forthcoming period as well, with which NIS, being the owner and the operator of over 300 filling stations in Serbia, confirms its status of the leader on domestic market of petroleum products.


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