Sponsorships and Donations

NIS Takes Part in Female Sports Institute Charity


The NIS Company  participated in a charity campaign focused on purchasing items donated by our celebrated basketball player and selector of the women’s basketball team, Marina Maljković, and the ambassadors of the Institute for Female Sports.

All funds raised from the sale were donated to the Clinical Center of Serbia, the “Tiršova” University Children’s Clinic, the Institute for Mental Health, the Institute for Maternal and Child Health – Department for Examination and Treatment of Diseases in Infants and the “Anton Skala” Elementary School .

The funds donated by NIS are aimed at supporting the “Tiršova” University Children’s Clinic and the Institute for Maternal and Child Health. On behalf of NIS, the donation was handed over to these health institutions by Jelena Popara, Director of the Internal Audit and Risk Management Function. With this, NIS became the proud owner of the kimono of Milica Mandić, the taekwondo champion and sneakers of the famous basketball player Sonja Vasić.

In addition to the personal belongings of the ambassadors of the Institute and Marina Maljković, paintings by Dajana Butulija, also a famous basketball player, were offered at the auction, and the companies Mozzart, Delta Holding and Nitea also participated in this humanitarian action.

Members of the Government of Serbia and the City of Belgrade, the mayors of Zrenjanin and Kikinda, the founder of the Institute for Female Sports Marina Maljković, as well as other guests and donors attended the ceremony of handing over the donations, held in the Gallery ’73 on Banovo brdo.


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