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Construction Works on a New Petrol Station on the Miloš Veliki Highway Have Started


Mayor of Čačak, Mr Milun Todorović, and Deputy CEO of NIS, Mr Vadim Smirnov, today visited the location where the works on the construction of the Sokolići 2 petrol station began. This is the second NIS retail facility on the Miloš Veliki highway that will operate under the Gazprom brand. The new petrol station will be located near Čačak, in the direction from Preljina to Belgrade, and the completion of works is expected by the end of the current year.

The new NIS petrol station will be built according to the latest technological, safety, and environmental standards and will be one of the most modern facilities in the NIS retail network. Among other things, it will possess state-of-the-art digital technology, as well as four islands with multifunctional fuel dispensers for all types of derivatives. In addition, consumers can enjoy a diverse gastronomic offer as well as a wide range of consumer goods available within the Drive Café restaurant. For the construction of this modern facility, NIS will allocate more than EUR 4.5 million, and in order to provide its customers with top-quality services and the best user experience, 24 employees will be engaged at the latest NIS retail facility.

Mr Milun Todorović, the mayor of Čačak, expressed satisfaction with the construction of the new modern NIS facility.

“Two years since the commissioning of Sokolići 1 petrol station, today we are visiting another retail facility, Sokolići 2. This is the eighth NIS retail facility in the territory of Čačak. This company employs more than 170 people in our city. I would like to add that in the seven years I’ve been in this position, we have jointly implemented 44 great projects within the NIS social responsibility programme, “Together for the Community”. More than RSD 80 million were invested by NIS in the health segment, education, outdoor gyms, and outdoor playgrounds in Čačak. It is a really significant support from a socially responsible company such as NIS to our city,” Mr Todorović said.

Mr Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS, said that the city of Čačak and NIS have a long-standing partnership.

“Before I came to the construction site, I passed through the city, and I want to congratulate all people from Čačak because it is evident how much energy and knowledge they’ve invested in the development of their city. The city is more beautiful and cleaner and it is becoming an industrial centre with many opportunities for young people and the development of their careers. Talking to the mayor, I realized that there are serious plans and ideas for the development of the city, not only as an industrial city but also as a tourist centre. Knowing the mayor, I believe those plans will be implemented. For our part, I can say that by the end of the year, Čačak will have the best petrol station in the whole country, with the latest technology,” said Mr Smirnov.

In the Serbian and regional markets, NIS manages a network of over 400 petrol stations in two retail brands, NIS Petrol and Gazprom. In addition to Serbia, NIS premium brand of petrol stations, Gazprom, also operates in the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, and Romania. Through a carefully selected range of premium fuels, as well as other products and services, NIS petrol stations are oriented towards satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumers. Sokolići 2 petrol station will be the 28th retail facility of the Gazprom premium brand in Serbia.


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