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The Jubilee 20th Belgrade Dance Festival Sponsored by NIS, was Announced


A press conference was held in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, whereby the jubilee, 20th edition of the Belgrade Dance Festival was announced, which will be held from March 8 to April 13, 2023 under the slogan “Together, We Celebrate Dance!” The general sponsor of the event for the fourth year in a row is the company NIS.

The press conference was attended by Vladimir Orlić, Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Maja Gojković, Vice President of the Government of Serbia and also the Minister of Culture, Jelena Popara, Director of the Internal Audit Function at NIS Company, ambassadors of some of the countries whose artistic troupes will participate in the festival, and Aja Jung, Director of Belgrade Dance Festival.

Belgrade Dance Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary and two decades of continuous success and international recognition. Top artists and great dance groups will gather to honour dance, and they will open up important topics, which are analysing contemporary society.
The Speaker of the Serbian Parliament, Vladimir Orlić, congratulated the festival for its jubilee, pointing out that tradition makes it one of the five most important European dance festivals. According to him, Belgrade Dance Festival is a world brand and “an event that is the trademark of our capital, which makes the whole of Serbia proud.”

The Minister of Culture, Maja Gojković, said that her ministry has recognized the importance of the festival this year, and that it has been continuously supporting this event “which has made our country the international capital of top artistic dance for twenty years”.

In addition to the fact that, thanks to this festival, Belgrade has become an important stop in the biography of established artists, it is also a place where equal attention is given to young authors who are presented here. With its slogan “Future in Action”, NIS indicates that encouraging young, talented people to achieve their potential is one of the company’s priority goals.

“Thanks to the Belgrade Dance Festival, Serbia is a stage where we can see world-renowned authors, but also young creators in search of their place under the artistic sky. By partnering with the Belgrade Dance Festival, NIS wants to empower the generations to come. Sponsoring the projects in the field of culture and supporting young people is an important segment of our social responsibility,” Jelena Popara, director of the Internal Audit Function at NIS was quoted as saying.

Event director Aja Jung said that the 20th jubilee edition of the Belgrade Dance Festival will be perhaps the most exciting one for visitors: “We have a fantastic selection, I would say that maybe it is bolder in the sense of programme, because it brings different styles.”

Jung added that the audience and world critics believe that “this is a unique festival that gives a cross-section of world pieces from the global stage when they are at the top of the world’s interest, which, in itself, is a huge success.”
Before the start of the main program, from March 8-12, music and movement in synergy with virtual technology bring the “Paris Ball” (Bal de Paris) choreographed by Blanca Li, which erases the boundaries between dance, film, fashion, architecture and technological achievements. The Ball is held in the Balkan Cinema, and each performance can be followed by only ten spectators. On the first day of the festival’s main program, on March 17, the Dutch troupe Introdanas will perform at the Opera Madlenianum. The following day, the audience will have the opportunity to see the New York dance troupe Tribe at the same place. The varied program will be completed by the well-known Italian choreographer and performer Michele di Stefano, and some of the other artistic treats are performances by the Ballet of Turin and the Dutch Theatre of Dance, as well as many others.


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