AIESEC Youth Speak results are out - NIS named leader in Serbian business


According to the Youth Speak Voice survey organised by the AIESEC student organisation, NIS is considered the leading business enterprise in Serbia among students. This survey has been organised for 9 consecutive years to study the opinions of young people regarding educational institutions, businesses, and non-government institutions.

As one of the youth-oriented employers, NIS relies on the results of the Youth Speak survey when updated its programmes for young people and launching new initiatives. The results of the survey also point the company to topics that require better coverage, as well as new activities that can be added to corporate programmes. The Company’s activities in this area include the NIS Calling internship programme, the NIS Energy recruiting programme for young professionals, as well as NIS Academy, the new practical training programme, which takes place in cooperation with universities.

Uroš Mirić, Head of NIS Employer’s Brand Development Team accepted the accolade on behalf of NIS.

“Studies such as Youth Speak Voice are very important for us. In our work we focus on young people and try to create good conditions for them to start their careers. Surveys like this give us insight into their needs, which allows us to tailor our programs accordingly. Understanding the priorities of young professionals we can respond more flexibly to their expectations of us as an employer and provide them with maximum support at this important stage of life,” said Mirić.

The annual Youth Speak Voice survey is part of a global initiative that is conducted simultaneously in more than 100 countries around the world and explores young people’s views on self-development, education and careers, sustainability goals, and expectations of future employers.

This year, almost 3.5 thousand people from 18 to 30 years old participated in the study in Serbia. Among the main findings, it is noted that young people most often choose foreign language learning as an optional activity, and YouTube, Instagram and books as the main channels for informal education. They name a degree and a successful internship as the most important factors for employment, while the optimal length of an internship is three to six months with flexible working hours and the possibility of working remotely.

The student organisation AIESEC is the largest global youth network. AIESEC implements international internship programmes as well as numerous social and educational projects, creating unique opportunities for young people to develop personally and professionally.


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