Sponsorships and Donations

Champions stick together


NIS and the Partizan Basketball Club signed a sponsorship agreement making the follow up on successful long-standing cooperation. The contract was signed at the Partizan Basketball Club headquarters in Belgrade by Kirill Tyurdenev, CEO of NIS, and Ostoja Mijailović, President of the Partizan Basketball Club.

NIS and Partizan Basketball Club cherished a long-standing partnership that turned into a general sponsorship in 2013, under which NIS became a wind at the back of one of the most successful Serbian basketball clubs to achieve victories both in domestic and European competitions. What is common to NIS and the Partizan Basketball Club is their readiness to face challenges, the winning attitude and the team spirit, whereas the continued cooperation confirms their focus on the same goal – striving for the best results, firmly believing that mutual trust and support inevitably lead to success.

“In sports, as in life, victories are essential. One of the most important victories is the possibility to preserve our core values despite everything to the contrary. Our partnership with the Partizan Basketball Club has lasted longer than a decade and has been both cherished and reinforced from one year to another. There have been both wonderful and difficult moments that we have shared and we are lucky to be able to rejoice in our successes and sports victories again this season. We wish you to finish this season just the way you started it – as champions. We will always remain your reliable partner and loyal supporter,” said Kiril Tyurdenev, CEO of NIS.

Ostoja Mijailović, president of the Partizan Basketball Club, said that the renewal of the general sponsorship agreement is something of a guarantee that Partizan will achieve the results expected by the general public and those in line with the club’s goals.

“The cooperation between NIS and the Partizan Basketball Club has been in place for fourteen years, and, for the most part, this sponsorship is aimed at the development of younger categories of players. Under the Jazak brand, NIS has supported the summer camp intended for our younger categories – children. This is a very important segment of Partizan, something our club is renowned for. Our goals for the next season are well-known and we would hardly have achieved them had there not been support from NIS over the recent years. NIS is a great example for other companies operating in the region, as a socially responsible company that invests in sports so that our country is presented in the best possible light across Europe and the globe,” Mijailović said.


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