NIS to Cooperate with Defence University


The University of Defense in Belgrade and the NIS Company signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in the realm of education, research and knowledge transfer. The aim of this cooperation is to establish partnership relations that can significantly contribute to connecting the scientific, educational and expert activity of the University with the business activities of NIS.

The signing of the Memorandum on Cooperation was attended by Miloš Vučević, Deputy Prime Minister of the Serbian Government and Minister of Defense, and Kirill Tyurdenev, CEO of NIS, and the memorandum was signed by Brigadier General Prof. Dr. Boban Đorović, Chancellor of the University of Defense and Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS.

Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević said after signing the Memorandum that this document is not just a matter of some protocol or some mere form, but that the Ministry of Defense has started a whole series of activities in order to better connect the entire Ministry, as well as the University of Defense, and all other parts of defense with all institutions, institutions and business entities that exist in Serbia.

“All this is in the context of strengthening our defense and capacity, both with knowledge and material resources, but also with all other forms of cooperation that improve the quality and knowledge of our officers and non-commissioned officers and create better conditions for the functioning of the entire defense system of Serbia,” he said.

Vucevic added that the first agreement between the Ministry of Defense and NIS was signed ten years ago and that the document signed today represents a new type of cooperation, primarily in the field of learning the Russian language at the University of Defense.

“This is a new type of cooperation, so that our officers, among other things, can learn that foreign language,” Vučević said.

NIS CEO Kirill Tyurdenev highlighted the long-standing successful cooperation with the Ministry of Defense.

“The partnership between our company and the University of Defense in the field of knowledge transfer is a further step in this cooperation. As a socially responsible company, NIS is focused on supporting youth and education. Through our “Energy of Knowledge” program, we cooperate with educational and scientific institutions in Serbia and improve the conditions for their work. We also support the best students, many of whom have already become our colleagues. With this, we strive to ensure that young people in Serbia have the best education, as well as to stay in their country. Through joint projects with the Ministry of Defense and the Government of Serbia, top results await us in the future as well,” said Tyurdenev.

The memorandum, among other things, foresees the participation of NIS experts as part-time lecturers at the University within the framework of knowledge exchange on topics of mutual interest, as well as participation in other activities that both parties consider to be of mutual importance.

The University of Defense and the NIS company will cooperate through the NIS program “Energy of Knowledge”, which was launched in 2012. Within this program, NIS has so far established cooperation with three universities in Serbia, nine universities in the region and the Russian Federation, and with more than 30 faculties. NIS is the first company awarded by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia with the prestigious “Sveti Sava Award” for its contribution to education.


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