Return to Serbia Program

Professional experience, knowledge and expertise of our employees are of crucial importance for the Company's expansion and development

Our team includes experts from more than 20 countries around the world

NIS has recognized the importance and the value of professional personnel in possession of education and experience acquired outside of Serbia with the wish to apply them in their own country. With the aim of recruiting and employing citizens of Serbia who work abroad, the Company has launched a Return to Serbia Program.

The goal of launching of this program and establishment of cooperation with a series of organisations which already gather people with such profile characteristics as well as with all individuals interested to continue to pursue their professional careers in our company is to promote the return of highly qualified professional personnel back to Serbia who are ready and willing to take over leadership position and to apply their knowledge and skills in NIS.

Dynamic international working environment and Company’s leading position in the market create an environment which endorses new ideas, approaches and energy as key elements for the professional development of each employee.

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