First digital petrol station

NIS 13 May 2019 • 5 min

NIS has opened a new GAZPROM petrol station on the Belgrade-Niš highway near Velika Plana.

It is the twenty-first retail store of NIS’s premium brand in Serbia and the first petrol station in this part of Europe equipped with high-end digital technology, multimedia facade panels, and multimedia displays, thanks to which consumers will be able to become informed about the current petrol station offers at any time. Special lighting will allow the new petrol station to shine in different colours in the evening hours and at night, making this facility even more attractive. The modern ambiance that has become an already recognized standard in the business of the GAZPROM premium segment of NIS is enriched with additional content – an outdoor garden with a movable awning, a children’s playground, and a fitness “corner” with exercise equipment.

Built in accordance with state-of-the-art technological, safety and environmental standards, the newly opened petrol station is equipped with modern equipment and double-sided multiplex fuel dispensers. The new visual identity and state-of-the-art design of the new petrol station are complemented by the offer of a wide range of domestic products. The standard premium quality fuel portfolio is enriched with the offer of premium G-Drive products and advanced quality OPTI LPG from the Pančevo Oil Refinery. At any moment, customers can rely on fast and efficient service, rich gastronomic offer and carefully selected range of complementary products available to them within the Drive Café restaurant.

As a company dedicated to innovation in all segments of business and in line with market demands, at the new GAZPROM petrol station near Velika Plana, NIS, for the first time, offers the service of charging electric vehicles to its customers. In this way, NIS became the first large network of petrol stations in Serbia to install an electric car charger.

“NIS is focused on the continuous development and modernization of its retail network. We place our customers’ needs at the top of our list of priorities and therefore we are constantly striving to improve the quality of products and services at our petrol stations. At the new GAZPROM petrol station, we have also enabled the charging of electrically-chargeable vehicles, confirming that we remain consistent with the development of our sales offer and further investments in new technologies”

Aleksej Cernikov
Aleksej Černikov
Direktor Bloka “Promet”

GAZPROM petrol stations represent a modern retail network operating in four Southeastern Europe markets, offering a high quality offer and service to consumers in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through a carefully selected supplementary range of products, as well as through constant improvement of the service and products, GAZPROM petrol stations are oriented towards satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumers.