NIS Donates Kikinda Health Centre

NIS presented a new ambulance vehicle with a defibrillator to the Kikinda Health Center today. This is a donation that the company has supported as part of the "Common Cause - Community" social responsibility project.

27 November 2019

In addition to procuring a modern vehicle, NIS is also helping to adapt the school and children’s dispensaries, as well as renovating the access ramp, sidewalks and plateaus in front of this health facility as part of the Kikinda Health Care Support Project. With a donation of 17 million dinars to the Health Center in Kikinda, NIS continued to support health institutions across Serbia.

The donation ceremony was attended by representatives of Kikinda, management and employees of the Health Center in Kikinda as well as representatives of NIS.

Kikinda Mayor Pavle Markov stressed the importance of the project for the local community:

„I would like to mention that this donation, as well as the whole project, is more than significant for the residents of our city and the surrounding area, given that we are today receiving a new ambulance with very important accessories. It is an ambulance of the highest quality and in this way we cover all needs, from regular patients to children and all those who are compelled to use it. In addition to the vehicle, works started in the Health Center, that is, in the children’s and school dispensary. These are buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, and after the realization of the project, the quality of the facilities themselves, and consequently the health care of the youngest patients, will be improved. I take this opportunity to thank NIS, who recognized the need to invest a significant amount of money directly into the health care system, that is, the primary health care system“.

Stefan Despotović, Director of the NIS External Communications Department, stated that one of the main goals of NIS is to invest in improving the quality of medical services in partner municipalities and cities:

„NIS and the City of Kinkinda have a very good long-term cooperation. In addition to NIS ‘business activities in the Kikinda territory, we are extremely proud of the large number of socially responsible projects we have implemented in partnership with Kikinda. This year, NIS has focused its community responsibility program on health together, which means improving the quality of health services in the 13 cities and municipalities in which NIS operates. Kinkinda is our extremely important partner and today’s donation is the result of one such action. We will continue our good cooperation with Kikinda and look forward to future projects.“

Dr Milos Bajic, Principal of the Emergency Services of the Health Center in Kikinda, on this occasion pointed out the importance of the NIS donation and stated that it would contribute to better and better quality work of both the ambulance service and the dispensary.

As a socially responsible company, NIS pays special attention to improving the working conditions of health care institutions and improving the quality of health services throughout Serbia. For this reason, NIS is investing almost one million euros (116.5 million dinars) in improving the work of 20 healthcare institutions in 13 cities and municipalities across our country as part of this year’s corporate program for cooperation with local communities in Serbia, “Common Cause Community”.

NIS has been implementing the “Common Cause – Community” Social Responsibility Programme for 11 years, in cooperation with local communities across Serbia. So far, more than 950 projects in various fields have been supported, worth over 1.2 billion dinars, which have contributed to improving the quality of life in the local communities in which the company operates. The city of Kinkinda is an important strategic partner for NIS as it develops its core business activities, such as research and manufacturing as well as the retail network. In line with Kikinda needs, over 11 years of successful partnership, NIS has invested over 200 million dinars in support of projects that have improved the quality of life and contributed to the well-being of the local community.