NIS – most desirable employer yet again this year


This year yet again, the NIS Company  was declared Serbia’s most desirable employer following a “TalentX” survey carried out by a group of employment sites Poslovi.Infostud seeking to improve the labor market in our country. More than 10,000 people have been polled.

The survey was completed in March, and in the process of selecting the most desirable employers, respondents also answered the question of what makes an employer attractive, what working conditions they expect, as well as in what business environment they would like to work. The analysis of results helps employers gain a clearer picture of expectations in the labor market, which, among other things, allows them to adapt current and develop new models and tools in human resource management in the future.

“This is the second consecutive time that NIS has been declared the most desirable employer in Serbia, which gives us a new incentive, while making us responsible to continue in the same vein and remain a reliable partner to our employees, as mutual satisfaction achieves great business results. The objective of NIS in the previous period was not only to preserve the stability of business, but the company also in these challenging times recognized the most important – the importance of employees. This includes the application of best practices that will enable maximum care for employees, but also the improvement of competencies that will help employees continue to develop professionally. For us, this is not just an HR award, but the result of the involvement of the entire NIS team, which consists of more than 11,000 staff membes – from top managers, through members of the HR team, to all employees who are our strongest brand, “said Alisa Yevsina, HR director at NIS.

NIS continuously invests significant funds in the development of programs aimed at attracting young people, as well as improving the professional competencies of employees, and last year alone the company organized 2,870 professional and technical trainings attended by more than 5,200 participants. In addition, in 2021, NIS launched the “NIS Energy” program in which graduates and master students of faculties who meet the business needs of the company can participate. Selected candidates, after completing a one-year paid program, have the opportunity to be employed by the company. The success of the first season of “NIS Energy” is evidenced by the fact that all 15 participants were employed by the company after the end of the program. Also, this year NIS launched the sixth season of the “NIS Calling” program, which allows students of selected faculties to gain their first work experience in NIS through a flexible internship program and thus get acquainted in practice with the areas for which they study. So far, more than 130 students have had the opportunity to study and get additional education through this program, and more than 30 of them have continued to build a career in the company.

In the previous period, NIS continued to work on improving practices in the field of human resources, so in 2021 the SAP Success Factors platform was implemented, which enabled digitalization of human resources management – from recruitment, selection, onboarding and learning to talent management. It is important to point out that the NIS platform, “Respect, above all”, which is aimed at strengthening the collective work environment, as well as the development of a culture of cooperation, transparency and mutual respect, in 2021 was declared one of the best HR projects in Serbia. It is an additional system of employee support, which relies on the company’s values ​​and the principles of corporate culture.

NIS was also named the most desirable employer in Serbia in a previous survey conducted by the Poslovi.Infostud portal, which was organized in 2020.


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