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NIS Procured 121 New Tank Wagons for Petroleum Product Transportation


Last year, NIS Company procured 121 new tank wagons for the transportation of petroleum products from Pančevo Oil Refinery to the company’s warehouses throughout Serbia. The new tanks meet the world’s highest technological and safety standards for the transportation of petroleum products, and are characterised by superior technical characteristics.

In addition to the reduction of costs due to the previous rental of tank wagons, the purchase of new ones will bring other significant benefits that will further improve the safety of the transportation of derivatives from the local refinery.

“The new tank wagons can operate on the territory of the whole of Europe and are built in accordance with the relevant regulations in the field of railway transport and the transport of dangerous goods.” In addition, they are constructed in such a way as to ensure the maximum utilisation of filling in relation to the existing limitations of the railway infrastructure, which will increase the efficiency of transportation of petroleum products and achieve savings in transportation. In particular, the new tank wagons will be able to load up to 15 tons of petroleum products more when compared to the existing fleet. In this way, the utilisation of one means of transport has increased up to 23 percent”, said Nenad Milovanović, head of the Transport Sector in Sales and Distribution Block of NIS.

By realising this procurement, NIS not only invests in the modernisation of its fleet, but also contributes to the increase of efficiency and safety in traffic in general, taking care, at the same time, to preserve the quality of petroleum products during their transportation.


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