NIS Supports Launch of Russian Language Classrom in Jarkovac Veljko Đuričin School

The „Veljko Đuričin“ Elementary School in Jarkovac, located in the Sečanj municipality, has seen a launching ceremony of the Russian Language classroom, its renovation and outfitting facilitated by NIS as part of the „Power of Knowledge“ programme.


The classroom  has been completely refurbished and renovated and is intended for students from the fifth to the eighth grade. It is outfitted with new school furniture as well as a smart board with a projector and a laptop.

Representatives of local authorities, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, School Administration of Zrenjanin, Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Serbia, the NIS Company, school management, teachers and students attended the opening ceremony.

The principal of the school, Ljubomir Papić, acknowledged NIS’  donation, which will facilitate pupils’ improving the knowledge of Russian, while Predrag Radenović, Mayor of Sečanj municipality, emphasized the importance of this project for education, successful cooperation between the school and the municipality and the importance of participation of the  NIS Company.

Denis Kruglov, attaché at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, emphasized that relations between Serbia and the Russian Federation are at a very high level, stressing that the “Power of Knowledge” programme enables Russian language studies, as well as education, working or visiting the Russian Federation in the future.

Snežana Oluski Vlačić, Head of the Zrenjanin School Board, confirmed that such NIS’ donations contribute to increasing students’ interest in this foreign language and that NIS has been open to cater to the needs of local governments for years.

The pupils of this school regularly attend the Russian Language competitions organised by the NIS Company, so as a reward for their high ranking in them, as part of its „Power of Knowledge“ programme NIS facilitated this school’s Russian Language classroom outfitting.

Snežana Lakićević, an aide to deputy NIS CEO, pointed out that up to now as part of its „Power of Knowledge“ programme NIS has launched more than 50 classrooms and labs for Russian language and sciences.