NIS volunteers humanity at work

Members of the NIS Volunteers Club have shown their readiness to help, even in conditions of the state of emergency due to the declaration of a coronavirus epidemic in Serbia, and to make themselves available to those who need help the most.


A large number of NIS employees have decided to provide assistance and support, above all to the elderly, who, in conditions of the epidemic, represent the most vulnerable category of the population. A large number of volunteers help their senior citizens every day, buying and bringing groceries to them.

NIS volunteers are also involved in cleaning coronavirus surfaces, providing field support and exchanging information, which expands the circle of solidarity.

As a socially responsible company focused on caring for the community in which we live and create, we take this opportunity to invite all members of our society to the solidarity and respect of all measures and recommendations made by the competent state authorities.

Aware of the fact that a small gesture or a single message is enough to encourage and initiate us, we continue to spread the spirit of community and empathy and show humanity at work.