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Prizes Awarded to the Winners of the Second Round of NIS’ On the Road with Us to a New Car Prize Draw

The winners of the second round of On the Road with Us to a New Car, NIS’ prize draw, have today received prize vouchers at GAZPROM’s Novi Beograd Petrol Station.

6 December 2019

Vladimir Zorić from Inđija won a FIAT 500, and Pavel Kandalintsev, Retail Director, awarded the prize to the lucky winner on behalf of NIS. In addition to the main prize, 500 lucky winners in the second round of the NIS prize draw received bonus points on their On the Road with Us loyalty card, worth 50 litres of fuel.

On the Road with Us to a New Car, NIS’ big prize draw, lasted from 1 to 30 November, and in its two rounds of prize drawing on 15 and 30 November, we awarded two FIAT 500 cars, while 1000 NIS’ loyal customers won full tanks of fuel. This list of all winners of NIS’ prize draw is available at:, and

Additional information:

In order to make as many of its customers as possible happy and thank them for their loyalty and support, NIS has prepared valuable awards for them in the future period as well. In NIS’ new prize draw on 30 December, On the Road with Us to 2 More Cars, we will award two more FIAT 500 cars as well as full tanks of fuel for another 1000 lucky winners.  For more information about the On the Road with Us to 2 More Cars prize draw, please visit www.sanamа or call the toll-fee number of NIS’ call centre: 08 0000 8888.