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More than 850,000 Active Users of "On the Road with Us” programme


The loyalty program “On the Road with Us” continues to justify the consumer affiance, so more than 850,000 drivers in Serbia actively use the NIS loyalty card today.

It is the largest loyalty program on the domestic market that enables the collection of bonus points, and therefore the significant savings during every purchase at NIS refuelling stations. Guided by an innovative approach to business, NIS introduced additional functionalities within its loyalty program in the previous years, thus enabling access to the program through the mobile application bearing the same name. At the same time, online membership enables a user, quickly and affordably, in just a few clicks, to use the benefits of the “On the Road with Us” programme that is available at more than three hundred NIS Petrol and Gazprom refuelling stations in Serbia.

“Continuous investments in the improvement of the consumer experience will remain the priority of NIS operations in the future as well. We are committed to introducing innovative solutions in our retail segment, which will bring numerous benefits to our consumers in the long term. More than 850,000 active users show that we have met the expectations of our customers. We will continue to work on the further development of our loyalty program, the benefits of which can be used within the largest retail network of petroleum products in Serbia, at all NIS Petrol and Gazprom refuelling stations,” Pavel Kandalintsev, Director of the Retail Directorate at NIS said.

NIS Company launched the loyalty program “On the Road with Us” seven years ago, in order to enable its consumers to collect bonus points when purchasing fuel, products or services at NIS Petrol and Gazprom refuelling stations, which they can subsequently redeem, and thus achieve significant savings. Today, the NIS loyalty program is the “number 1” program for drivers in Serbia, and the mobile application “On the Road with Us” is among the top three free business applications. The ever increasing popularity of “On the Road with Us” was also due to some new functionalities and innovative services developed by NIS over the last years, which have been included as an integral part of the program. More information about the NIS loyalty program is available at the link:


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