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Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

In 2022, NIS celebrated an important anniversary - ten years of the „Energy of Knowledge“ program.

As part of the Energy of Knowledge program in 2022 NIS continued cooperating with scientific and educational institutions in Serbia and abroad and providing scholarships to the best students in accordance with the HR needs of the company and the market in general.

Last year, NIS celebrated an important milestone ten years of the Energy of Knowledge program. To commerorate this occasion we organized a gala event in the Serbia Palace to present the results of the program achieved over the years. The event was attended by representatives of the Serbian Government, educational and scientific institutions, NIS management, scholarship students and many other guests. Since 2012 through the Energy of Knowledge program NIS has supported the adaptation of more than 60 classrooms and laboratories in schools and colleges throughout Serbia. An important (integral part of our efforts is providing scholarships) effort is providing and scholarships to Serbian college students as an investment in young talent and long-term development. So far, NIS has provided scholarships to over 130 people, and more than 60 of them joined the company after graduation. In 2022, NIS employed one recent graduate who finished a university in Russia, and also granted scholarships for two Serbian students attending universities in Russia along with five scholarships to students of the Novi Sad University.

Last year we signed memorandum of understanding with nine educations institutions of strategic interest to our business: these institutions include the Faculty of Computing at the Union University, Traffic Faculty and Mathematics Faculty of the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Media and Communications of the Singidunum University, and the Philosophy Faculty in Novi Sad. In addition, the Company established cooperation in the field of occupational safety and health with the Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management in Novi Sad (FIMEK), the Academy of Technical Vocational Studies in Belgrade and the Faculty of Occupational Safety in Niš. In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, three NIS engineers have become regular lecturers on professional courses in the study program “Industrial Engineering in Oil and Gas Exploitation” at the Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” in Zrenjanin.

NIS continued supporting the bilingual sections of the Jovan Popovic School, the Novi Sad Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj College, and the Aleksinac College. Funds were also donated to the Karlovci Grammar School for the adaptation of the Russian language classroom. NIS also funded Serbian language classes in the Russian school at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgrade.

As part of its digital transformation efforts, in cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, Electronics Faculty of Nis, and the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad the company organized more than ten trainings in digital technologies for over (more then) 500 employees. NIS experts gave over 20 guest lectures to the students of our partner faculties of the Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Niš universities. Guest lectures are now also held during corporate HR and HSE days. Last year, over 25 such lectures took place.

In cooperation with HR, a program of paid internships for students of the first generation of educational programs that have been adapted and accredited with the support of NIS has begun in secondary vocational schools in Pancevo (Machinist School Pancevo, Technical School 23. Maj and Electrotechnical School “Nikola Tesla“) and Zrenjanin (Technical School Zrenjanin). NIS keeps donating to support knowledge competitions in Russian and natural sciences. This year, Serbian pupils showed impressive results in these competitions.